Best New Food & Beverage Concept.

ACI Griesbach Winner

Bobby Van’s Grill

Full Service Steakhouse
Terminal 8, JFK

In partnership with Bobby Van’s Steakhouse, Tastes on the Fly converted empty space at JFK into the most impressive sit-down airport restaurant in the country. It has been winning accolades since it opened. Eater NY named it one of the places to eat at JFK and it won the ACI Award for “Best New Concept”.

Paris Cafe

Full-Service Restaurant TWA Hotel

Paris Cafe, a partnership with Tastes on the Fly and world-renowned Michelin-starred chef, Jean-George Vongerichten, is a culinary landmark in the TWA Hotel at JFK airport. The original Eero Saarinen design of the 1960’s TWA Terminal and the historic in-flight menus influenced the restaurant, as it was updated for modern trends.